“Kəsіpodaqtar Úıі” (“House of Unions”)

The building “Kəsіpodaqtar Úıі” (“House of Unions”), having address in the city of Pavlodar, 3 Victory Square, was commissioned on the 30th of September, 1965 by the decision of the Pavlodar City executive committee no. 47/485.

Excerpts on the history of trade unions of Pavlodar region:

Pavlodar regional Trade union council and its structure were formed on the 22nd of March, 1950. Just then the first inter-union conference of the region took place, the delegates of which represented 36,300 trade union members. The organizational and structural framework of the regional council at that time was comprised of about 20 trade organizations of various levels, including trade unions of workers of agriculture and harvesting, public education, construction, medicine and sanatorium, railway, coal, light and local industries, the “Oktyabr” plant, the post and the telegraph, “Maikayinzoloto” Mine group, dockyard, etc.

The formation of the regional trade union has certainly become one of the most significant chapters in the history of the trade union movement, which has had a considerable impact on the development of economic, social and public life of the region.

A.V. Mulyukov was elected the first chairman of the regional trade union council (1950-1956). In the time following, B. Khusainov (1956-1961), V.V. Sumochkin (1961-1963), P.S. Zimin (1963-1971), V.Ye. Chaiko (1971-1983), A.S. Malyshkin (1983-1999), V.A. Strelkovskiy (1999-2013), A.S. Temerbayev (2013-2014), N.A. Ramazanov (2014-2016), B.K. Urazgulov (2016-2018) headed the council. From 2018 to the present, the Territorial association of trade unions (TAT) of Pavlodar region is headed by D.N. Aitzhanova.

The TAT Coordination Council includes 17 regional trade union associations, and among them the most massive are: workers of education and science, mining and smelting trade union “Kazprofmetall”, health care, the union of workers of the government, bank institutions and public service organizations of Pavlodar region and other.

In order to reduce conflicts in the society and prevent offenses, in the building of the Territorial association of trade unions “Trade union centre of Pavlodar region” there is “Sotsyz tatýlasý ortalyǵy” (Extrajudicial reconciliation centre).

Translator Serimbayeva Bibigul Gabdullovna performed this translation from Russian into English

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